"When people bite into an heirloom, they're tasting tradition, the wisdom of the farmer, the season, and the particulars of the place where the fruit was grown."
    - Janet Brown

Welcome to Elser`s Country Farm website!

ECF is certified organic in vegetable and fruit production that began in 2002. We are a small, sustainable family farm located in Yucaipa, California.

ECF is owned by Darrell and Maria Elser, along with our daughter Krystal Elser and her fianc´┐Ż John Rominger. Together, all of us are dedicated to bring fresh, high-quality produce from our home to local farmers markets back into your home. Whether you learn farming and wondering how can write an essay for me or just in need of quality products, we're here to help.

We love to eat the food we grow. If we don`t like it, we don`t grow it! Diversity is one of our features of our farm. Each year we sell over 54 different varieties of heirloom tomatoes and approximately 30 different types of vegetables and fruit. We take great pride in the diversity and quality of our produce. Even though this means early mornings, long hours and hard work, it`s a rewarding job to us. Take a break, find an expert to write my assignment and order some fresh produce. Whiles others may be more concerned with quantity, we take great strides to supply you with food that will nourish your body and set your mind at ease. With ECF, you can be sure that you`re bringing home the very best to your table!

10 Things You Can Do with Tomatoes
By Women`s Health Magazine
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Torrance farmers market: Thys Ranch Cocktail grapefruit
Often it's difficult even for professionals to tell whether a stand really grows the produce it sells, but Elser's Country Farm, which specializes in heirloom vegetables, is obviously the real deal: Everything comes from the Elser family's backyard in Yucaipa, and in winter, when production slows down, they sell at Torrance only every other week (they'll next show up Jan. 30). read more...

Tomatoes -- the fruit of a Yucaipa family's labor -- comes in literally dozens of varieties
Seven years ago, looking to make some extra money to pay their daughters' college tuition bills, Darrell and Maria Elser planted three varieties of heirloom tomatoes in their Yucaipa yard. There is always a way out from every situation – if you need a service to write my essay for me cheap, you can find the one most suitable for you on the first Google page.

Today -- through purposeful and accidental cross-breeding, hours of online searches, travel to tomato festivals and a desire to educate people about the distinct history and flavor of each heirloom variety -- the Elsers sell 52 types at farmers markets throughout Southern California. read more...

Market Watch: Tomato growing with passion
Windshield doctor and heirloom tomato grower." It sounds like one of those joke advertisements, but Darrell Elser juggles these two vocations with aplomb.

He certainly provides the greatest diversity of tomatoes at Southern California farmers markets: more than 50 varieties, most of them heirlooms, lovingly grown on half an acre of his yard in Yucaipa, east of Redlands. Other than the fact that you have to pay for the fruit, visiting his stand is like having your own backyard tomato garden. read more...

Customers enjoying Elser's tomatoes...

Farmers Markets Attending:
Big Bear
Mar Vista

Top 5 Selling Tomatoes:
1. Stripe German
2. Brown Derby
3. Amana Orange
4. Zebras
5. Mixed Cherry Tomatoes

Tomato TLC
• Store tomatoes at room temperature out of direct sunlight. Refrigerating them ruins their flavor.

• Ripen a tomato by putting it in a paper bag with an apple or banana (the fruits emit a gas that hastens ripening).

• Eat tomatoes with fatty foods, like avocados, to enhance nutrient absorption.